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Best-in-class technology

Tobii Pro Spectrum is our most advanced eye tracking platform, designed for intensive research into human behavior and the mechanics of the fastest eye movements. The system captures data at multiple sampling rates of up to 1200 Hz while still allowing for natural head movement.

How does Tobii Pro Spectrum work?


Set up

Tobii Pro Spectrum can be used with both on-screen and real-world stimuli. It comes fully assembled in the supplied travel case and doesn't require manual configuration of cameras or lenses.


Collect data from participants at multiple sampling rates of up to 1200hz. Study fixations, saccades, micro-saccades, and tremors, and record pupil diameter and eye openness data.


Tobii Pro Spectrum works with
Tobii Pro Lab, supporting researchers from experiment design to data analysis. Calculate eye tracking metrics, create visual representations of data or export for further analysis in other software.

About the tech

-Our patented 3D eye model delivers high-quality gaze, pupil and eye openness data

-Two eye tracking cameras, taking up to 1200 images per second

-Fully embedded processing and automatic selection of bright and dark pupil modes for best performance

-Compatible with all main operating systems

-Software for the standalone configuration accommodates studies involving real-world stimuli

-VESA mounting available for fixed table or wall installation

-The handle allows for smooth adjustment for subjects of different heights