Spark your research with our smallest and most affordable eye tracker.
By capturing high-quality fixation data at 60hz,
our entry-level eye tracker illuminates attention and intent.

Boost your insights

Tobii Pro Spark puts eye tracking within reach for even more researchers looking to enhance their behavioral studies. It samples eye tracking data at 60hz, it’s easy to set up and use, and can be trusted to deliver robust and reliable data across the population.

How to does Tobii Pro Spark work?


Tobii Pro Spark is designed for quick and easy setup! Attach to any screen up to 27”, or place it on a tripod for studies of real-world stimuli. Simply connect to the computer via USB.


Start recording high-quality attention data. Robust tracking means minimal data loss and reliable results regardless of corrective lenses, age, or ethnicity.


Tobii Pro Spark works with Tobii Pro Lab, supporting researchers from experiment design to data analysis. Eye tracking metrics and visualizations help you understand participants’ visual attention and behavior on a deeper level.

Data you can trust
Works across the population regardless of age, ethnicity, or corrective lenses
Maintains tracking robustness in different lighting environments
Keeps high performance through natural head movements
Powerful yet portable behavioral research solution

About the tech

-Captures gaze and pupil data

-Our patented 3D eye model delivers high-quality gaze data

-One eye tracking camera, taking up to 60 images per second

-Bright and dark pupil illumination modes automatically selected for best performance

-Fully embedded processing

-Easy USB or USB-C connectivity

-Simple screen attachment

-Compatible with all main operating systems

-Accurate software synchronization options with a wide range of external devices, such as EEG, ECG or GSR