Package Testing

Eye tracking package testing enables you to understand and measure the visual performance of package design.

Eye tracking can be used to describe behavior and to better understand the target group and category. Identify opportunities and issues in a new package design or for adapting a current package for a new market.

Eye tracking can also measure and compare how your package performs in comparison to competitor packaging on the shelf.

Eye tracking package testing can be run on digital material in virtual shelves (mock-ups early in the innovation process) or on physical packages in real life situations. We run qualitative or quantitative packaging tests, in labs or in retail environments – depending on your requirements.

Examples of how eye tracking can be used in package testing:

Evaluate existing package design for new markets Comparative studies for new package design
Product impact studies
New products for new/current markets with new design and packaging

Typical questions that eye tracking research can answer:

Is the design guiding customers to read the value proposition?
How does your package compare to your competitors package in terms of being “eye catching”, “amount of visual attention” and indicators displaying real interest?
How is the current packaging perceived on new markets? Will it need modifications?

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