Website Usability Research

Use eye tracking in website usability research to identify opportunities and issues which need adjustments in order to ensure the website performs toward your target audience as intended.

Eye tracking data in combination with verbal reports provided by the test participant gain a more detailed understanding of usability. Eye tracking is the only research method that objectively reveals what is viewed, prior to and during the user interaction with different elements on the website. It is a great way to measure and compare the performance of your website in relation to your main competitors.

Website usability research using eye tracking is valuable throughout the innovation process – It can be used as a starting point when you are outlining improvements to focus on, as well as during the creative process to ensure you communicate well with your target audience. Website usability tests are typically performed in front of a screen in a lab. The respondents are given a specific task to complete and then asked to navigate the website freely to accomplish the task.

Examples of website usability research where eye tracking is used:

  • Pre-test websites
  • Fyaluate n-commerce nrocossne
  • Study website effectiveness