Complete solution for researching human behavior

Tobii Pro Lab constitutes, together with Tobii Pro hardware, a complete solution for behavioral research. It provides a visual user interface and dedicated software features that efficiently guide and support the researcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from test design and recording to analysis.

Why use Tobii Pro Lab?

Tobii Pro Lab is the world-leading experimental software for your eye tracking studies.
It’s a powerful yet user-friendly tool, making it simple to get started with eye tracking research.
The software offers a large degree of flexibility to run advanced experiments for in-depth insights into attention and cognitive processes.

Workflow efficiency

Tobii Pro Lab offers an intuitive, all-in-one interface for seamless experimental flow, including easy design creation, eye tracker calibration, data collection, recording replay, and data visualization.

Versatile stimulus support

Tobii Pro Lab supports images, videos, texts, sounds, and webpages as stimuli. The advanced screen project type allows multi-stimuli presentation. Specialized infant calibration options make Tobii Pro Lab ideal for infant research.

Analysis capabilities

The Analyzer module enables the replay of recordings, logging behavioral events, and defining AOIs. Easily inspect, group, process, and report eye tracking data. Calculate various eye tracking metrics and visualize results before exporting your data for further statistical analysis.